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Say hello to clean makeup!

I’ve always been super aware about what’s in my skin care but not always about my makeup. That clearly doesn’t make any sense! Over the course of a few months, I have been transitioning to products with much cleaner ingredients. I did a lot of research, and you would be shocked with some of the harmful ingredients that go into our makeup! 

First off, what is clean beauty? The term can vary, but essentially, it’s makeup products that don’t contain any sulfates SLS and SLES, parabens, mineral oils, coal tar, phthalates, oxybenzone, and many other harmful ingredients (so hard to pronounce that you should be too scared to put it on your face). These products tend to be fragrance free, as well. Below you can find my current favorites!

Tower 28: This female founded brand from California specifically caters to those with sensitive skin! Their products are non-irritating and amazing! Not only is the makeup beautiful and radiant, but the packaging is adorable too! The cream-based makeup keeps your skin looking youthful and dewy! Here are my favorites:

Kosas: This makeup brand focuses on using nutritious ingredients that make your skin glow! The company prides themself on not using silicones or fillers, usually found in many other makeup products! Their unique packaging is chic and modern, and their products are very easy to use and blend-able. Here are my favorites: 

ILIA: This company prides themselves on using makeup driven by skincare. ILIA uses the cleanest ingredients and are very transparent about which ones. Their products aim to make your skin naturally more radiant! They are to die for, and the minimalistic packaging emulates the natural brand! Here are my favorites:

Tarte Sea: A line from the famous makeup brand Tarte, Tarte Sea uses clean ingredients in their range of products. All themed around the sea, the products are aimed at being hydrating, gentle, and soothing. Some of the line is even vegan! The products are very natural and great for sensitive skin! Here are my favorites: 


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